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East Coast Wine Group Welcome

Greetings and salutations. For those of you who know (and for some of you who don’t), a small group of interactive marketing professionals out of San Francisco started a wine group several years ago. Each month (or thereabouts), one member of the wine group would host a dinner and a wine theme would be chosen. The theme might be white burgundy, Italian Super Tuscans, Sonoma reds, etc., and each guest would be responsible for bringing a bottle according to the theme. Then, the guests would dine and drink to much merriment, and with each wine unveiled, tastings would be tasted by the entire group, a scribe would scribe the various commentaries made on each wine, and a tally would be delivered post-sobriety to attendees for future reference.

In the spirit of all of the cork trees who sacrificed their bark, as a tribute to the bedazzling array of bottles tipped empty before us, and as partial homage to the group from the West who started on this journey, our theme for our first east coast wine dinner was Worldly Cabernets. Click here to visit our review section from past dinners.

Eric Porres and Dave Morgan founded the east coast group after realizing that the west coasters were having just a bit too much fun on their own!

Please note: invitations to these dinners are by invitation only and are non-transferable.

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