Heavy Metals Found in (most European) Wine

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I wonder if this will steer people away from overly “earthy” wines….

Oct. 29, 2008 — Red and white wines from most European nations carry potentially dangerous doses of at least seven heavy metals, U.K. researchers find.

A single glass of even the most contaminated wine isn’t poisonous. But drinking just one glass of wine a day — a common habit in Europe and the Americas — might be very hazardous indeed, calculate biomolecular scientist Declan P. Naughton, PhD, and Andrea Petroczi of Kingston University, London.

One comment to “Heavy Metals Found in (most European) Wine”

  1. Comment by winesny:

    Too bad that the study doesn not include American wines. Does anyone know if one has be done? Perhaps by FDA, ATF, etc?

    It doesn’t appear from the article that the metals are caused by poor winemaking per se but could be from naturaly occuring sources or part of the process of agriculture. It seems odd that Italy, Argentina, and Brazil should somehow be expempt. Similar winemaking practices are used in all of the regions mentioned and there are such differing terroir’s for all of these countires.