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I’ve come across the Clef du Vin in several catalogs. The item purportedly is able to simulate the taste of an aged wine simply by dipping the product into the wine one second for each year. To rephrase, say you buy a bottle of 2005 Bordeaux. You want to know how it will taste in 8-10 years time. Dip the Clef du Vin in your glass for 8-10 seconds and the chemical reaction with stimulate the wine to produce its essential aged flavor of itself in 8-10 years time. The Clef du Vin does not age the wine itself, but helps simulate what the wine would taste like with aging. Put yet another way (from Chateau Online), “It will gradually alter the organoleptic qualities (taste, smell, flavours and bouquet) of the wine, in a controlled way.”

Vinum Master Description – Most detailed description I’ve seen thus far of what it is and how it works
Grapevine – Time Magazine article about the Clef du Vin Listing – Buy it here – Good review – Official Web site

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  1. Comment by IdeasinWine:

    Stunned! In the years I have reviewed wine and wine accessories, The Clef du Vin is the first and only accessory I have encountered that effectively brings forward the personality of a wine. Aerators, decanters, moving parts, etc.. is not for the wine connossieur. The Clef du vin relaxed the tannic harshness, while making the fruits and relevant tastes more forward and pronounced, as the winemaker intended. Best of all, this took place within moments, specifically ONE YEAR PER SECOND ( as their University of Bordeaux test had proved ).

    Those that prefer natural aging can use the Clef to determine the best uncorking time for their investment. Those that fear true aging of a wine may outlast their own natural life may want to consider the Clef du Vin as an investment in the true enjoyment of aged wine right now. One wine, a 2000 Silver Oak Cabernet, hit its peak in 4 seconds! Unbelievable!

    Best Wishes,
    Ideas in Wine