The Billionaire’s Vinegar


I could not recommend this book highly enough for our group. Whether you are a cork dork, passing oenophile, or just like drinking alcoholic grape juice, it reads like a mystery novel (but it’s true!). This is a great mini-review:

The Billionaire’s Vinegar is the ultimate page-turner. Written with literary intelligence, it has a cast of characters like something out of Fawlty Towers meets The Departed. It takes you into a subculture so deep and delicious, you can almost taste the wine that turns so many seemingly rational people into madmen. It is superb nonfiction.

— BUZZ BISSINGER, author of Friday Night Lights

For more on the author, the book, and the book tour, visit:

And in a related story, Will Smith’s production company has optioned the book for a movie.

And…here’s the NYTimes review.

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