A trip down memory lane…

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While searching for information on some sleeper vintages, I came across this article from the NYTimes, written in 1988. Some choice excerpts:

In this context, even with the weak dollar, quite a few famous Bordeaux reds are relative bargains. Take these three excellent Margaux, for example: the 1982 Chateau Giscours sells in New York for about $25, the beautiful 1985 Chateau d’Issan for $16 and the 1982 Chateau Palmer for about $17. Admittedly, the 1985 Mouton-Rothschild costs $55 and the 1982 about $100, but there are literally dozens of good buys among even among well-known chateaus and good vintages.

Still a ”sleeper” vintage is 1981. There is plenty of 1981 Bordeaux around, and the prices are right. Some examples: from Saint-Julien, Chateau Leoville-Barton, $16, and Chateau Gloria, $12.25; from Pomerol, Chateau Petit-Village, $15; Chateau Prieure-Lichine and Chateau Rausan-Segla, both from Margaux, $13 and $16.50, respectively; from Saint- Emilion, the Clos des Jacobins, $19 and L’Angelus, $16.

For reference, an ’82 Palmer these days sells for $250+ while an ’82 Mouton will set you back $1000+.

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