Global warming = shifting grape-growing regions


An article from the WSJ yesterday discusses the bet that certain Canadian wine producers made on planting varietals that might not ordinarily survive a full growing season by virtue of their latitude. Here’s en excerpt:

The borders of the world’s grape-growing regions are shifting away from the equator and toward the poles, redrawing the world wine map in the process. Traditional winemaking powerhouses such as Napa and parts of Australia are struggling with excessive heat. Formerly frosty climes like this verdant corner of British Columbia are beginning to produce first-rate wines.

“There is concern in some areas, and there is opportunity in others,” says Gregory V. Jones, a professor of climatology at Southern Oregon University, who is a leading researcher on the subject of viticulture and climate. “Canada will be one of the winners in the wine world.”

Full article: Northern Vintage: Canada’s Wines Rise With Mercury – Growers Try Classy Grapes, Shed Punch-Line Status; Mr. Kennedy Sells His Cows

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