Newly discovered Wine blog + Clever Sub-Zero Wine Marketing


I came across Dr. Vino’s wine blog today, an entertaining wine blog by Tyler Colman, who is the winner or the Best Wine Blog from the American Wine Blog Awards (I didn’t know such an award even existed).

On Dr. Vino’s site, Sub-Zero has an online ad marketing the Sub-Zero line of wine refrigerators. I really like the ad and how various elements of the online program came together. First, the ads, apart from being sweepstakes in nature, also include information about guest wine bloggers at Sub-Zero’s site. Today for example an ad is running with Jay McInerney as the guest blogger. The site itself, far from it being purely brochure-ware in nature, contains rich content on the enemies of wine (e.g. humidity, temperature), friends of wine including facts and tips from a wide variety of wine experts, and a blog with wine expert tips that appears to include almost daily updates.

I have my own wine fridge, but still entered the contest…who wouldn’t want a Sub-Zero wine fridge at home?


Dr. Vino
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