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Chambers Street Wines featured in NYTimes article

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

If you read the following today:

you will find that Chambers Street Wines is one of the featured purveyors, and our own Nick Bumstead is a member of their team!

Newscaster takes one for the team…

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

When stomping grapes, do not get too excited by the prospect of winning a silly contest:

Grape Snafu

Dinner 5 > Barolo Night – Wine Redux

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

A meraviglioso evening was had by all when we descended on Paul Debraccio’s pied-a-terre for an evening of Barolo. The rain could not keep away 13 Barolos from the new and the old world to engage and delight in the festivities.

Barolo Feast

John Piccone brought the winning wine of the evening against some strong competition. And so, the write-up of the wines and collective comments are as follows:

1) Starter Wine – Nicely chilled Prosecco

2) 1969 Barolo Scapra Riserva Speciale (2nd Place for WINE OF THE NIGHT)
Fresh, classic Barolo, hint of manure, power w/out weight

3) 2001 Vursu Vignetto Campe
Wet campfire, peppery, ash

4) 1999 Pira Marenca
Cherry, youthful, tar, raisiny, spice, needs more time

5) 1998 Barolo Brunate
Metallurgic – iron filings, good to age more, classy

6) 2000 Cascina Del Monastero (Bricco Poiund)
Fruity beginning, sexy, oaky, short finish

7) 2001 Damilano Barolo
Leather, pepper, charming, blueberry first taste

8.) 2000 Rocche Dei Manzoni Big d’Big
Vanilla, grapefruit/nectarine smell, dolce du leche, caramel, butterscotch, food friendly

9) 1990 Paolo Scavino Cannubi
Silky, warm fireplace, engaging, a keeper, no edges; an assassin, not a politician

10) 1996 La Rocca e La Pira (Roagna) (3rd Place for Wine of the Night)
Licorice, bittersweet, chocolate, leather, more politician than assassin, like a study, easy to drink and complex; hint of manure at end

11) 2001 Barolo Cerretta (Giovanni Rosso)
Parmesian, exhaust, balsamic vinegar you could drink

12) 2001 Bartolo Mascarello (WINE OF THE NIGHT, FROM JOHN PICCONE)
Worth every penny, meaty, chestnut, salami and smoked meat

13) 1999 Monprivato Mascarello
Pez dispenser

14) 2000 Bussia Poderi Aldo Conterno
Herbacious, pucker up!

15) After Dinner – 2001 White Rock Vineyards, Napa Valley Claret