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First NY Grapes outing in Tokyo!

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Hello from Tokyo,

TK & Brian
I am reporting the first NY Grapes outing in Tokyo. Brian Quinn was visiting Tokyo last week and we were able to connect for a quick drink and a light dinner.

The picture

was taken at a wine bar in front of a wine server where we buy with prepaid cards. You can choose from approximately 60 bottles with three amounts, sip (20 ml), taste (50 ml), glass (90 ml) for each bottle. For example, a bottle which is worth 200 dollars, you can sip it for 10 dollars.

The machine is said to be made in Italy.

Since there were only two drinkers, we didn’t go for the bottle, but went for three glasses. White, Pinot, Bordeaux.

I look forward to seeing some of you in November and hope to see another person coming to Tokyo.

– TK

John Durham Featured in Dishy Mix

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

One of our West Coast brethren was recently interviewed/podcasted on Dishy Mix. You can listen here:

Dishy Mix, Episode 17

Newly discovered Wine blog + Clever Sub-Zero Wine Marketing

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

I came across Dr. Vino’s wine blog today, an entertaining wine blog by Tyler Colman, who is the winner or the Best Wine Blog from the American Wine Blog Awards (I didn’t know such an award even existed).

On Dr. Vino’s site, Sub-Zero has an online ad marketing the Sub-Zero line of wine refrigerators. I really like the ad and how various elements of the online program came together. First, the ads, apart from being sweepstakes in nature, also include information about guest wine bloggers at Sub-Zero’s site. Today for example an ad is running with Jay McInerney as the guest blogger. The site itself, far from it being purely brochure-ware in nature, contains rich content on the enemies of wine (e.g. humidity, temperature), friends of wine including facts and tips from a wide variety of wine experts, and a blog with wine expert tips that appears to include almost daily updates.

I have my own wine fridge, but still entered the contest…who wouldn’t want a Sub-Zero wine fridge at home?


Dr. Vino
Sub-Zero Wine

Global warming = shifting grape-growing regions

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

An article from the WSJ yesterday discusses the bet that certain Canadian wine producers made on planting varietals that might not ordinarily survive a full growing season by virtue of their latitude. Here’s en excerpt:

The borders of the world’s grape-growing regions are shifting away from the equator and toward the poles, redrawing the world wine map in the process. Traditional winemaking powerhouses such as Napa and parts of Australia are struggling with excessive heat. Formerly frosty climes like this verdant corner of British Columbia are beginning to produce first-rate wines.

“There is concern in some areas, and there is opportunity in others,” says Gregory V. Jones, a professor of climatology at Southern Oregon University, who is a leading researcher on the subject of viticulture and climate. “Canada will be one of the winners in the wine world.”

Full article: Northern Vintage: Canada’s Wines Rise With Mercury – Growers Try Classy Grapes, Shed Punch-Line Status; Mr. Kennedy Sells His Cows

A trip down memory lane…

Monday, October 15th, 2007

While searching for information on some sleeper vintages, I came across this article from the NYTimes, written in 1988. Some choice excerpts:

In this context, even with the weak dollar, quite a few famous Bordeaux reds are relative bargains. Take these three excellent Margaux, for example: the 1982 Chateau Giscours sells in New York for about $25, the beautiful 1985 Chateau d’Issan for $16 and the 1982 Chateau Palmer for about $17. Admittedly, the 1985 Mouton-Rothschild costs $55 and the 1982 about $100, but there are literally dozens of good buys among even among well-known chateaus and good vintages.

Still a ”sleeper” vintage is 1981. There is plenty of 1981 Bordeaux around, and the prices are right. Some examples: from Saint-Julien, Chateau Leoville-Barton, $16, and Chateau Gloria, $12.25; from Pomerol, Chateau Petit-Village, $15; Chateau Prieure-Lichine and Chateau Rausan-Segla, both from Margaux, $13 and $16.50, respectively; from Saint- Emilion, the Clos des Jacobins, $19 and L’Angelus, $16.

For reference, an ’82 Palmer these days sells for $250+ while an ’82 Mouton will set you back $1000+.